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Delivery Services

Welcome to iOSComponents! We provide fully functional, robust, tested and ready to use custom iOS controls, including the iOS DataGrid - the most powerful DataGrid available for iOS Apps as well as a suite of utility controls including Auto complete text input, Combo box, Date Combo box, Check box, Radio button, Check box list, Multi select combo box and more! Turbo charge your iPhone and iPad applications today!!

  • iOS Controls

    Auto complete text input

    Radio button, Tri-state check box

    Date field, Date combo box

    Check box List, Multi select combo box

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  • iOS DataGrid

    Customizable rows/columns

    Headers, footers, filters

    Paging, excel/word export

    Tree grids/sub grids and a LOT MORE!

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  • iOS Consulting

    End to end App development

    Custom components development

    Fixed bid/T&M contracts

    Convert legacy applications to mobile

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